Monday, December 26, 2011


JOYEUX NOËL! Worldwide rejoice, christmas joy reverberates. The long awaited moment. 
This morning, me and Fabio Hutagalung, the one who sings appreciably in the practicing video has given our best to worship Jesus \ :D / Big thanks to Ridwan Damanik, who has put a sincere heart to help us playing the piano. Me and Fabio have just met 2 days ago. Our mother have been best friend since they were in elementary school. So, this was just very suddenly. We had only 1 full day to prepare ourselves. But, thank you Jesus, we did it well! Thank you Jesus, for our talents, our precious talents. We want to expand it well and give You back the abundant expanded talents 

click here to go to the video - suzanneandfabio.bapakami

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve!  Thank God, in this holy night i have given one more chance to worship our great Father, Jesus Christ in the church with my mother (vocal) and my brother (guitar)...and me in violin :D Performed blissfully, wrapped with a complete blessings of God. Violin prepared, fashion also prepared as well!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dans L'Amour

Hello bloggers! It has been a while since the last time i wrote my blog actually. Couldn't explain anymore how i have been always wanting to write again but there were also so many things to do lately. So...... today i'm back with a sentimental topic, that is..... LOVE

Mikhael Ketaren, a bold, forward-thinker, ingenious, perfectionist, smart, striking and unequivocal man. Sometimes he could be grumpy because of small stuff that  pumps his impatience, but it's not that hard for him to appease too. He cares, he guides, he nurtures, he supports.  We have been together for 5 months. Yeah, i know it is 'still' 5 months. But, since the beginning of our relationship, we have something which is strengthen us up : It's not about how much time you have spent together, it's about how well you have spent those times
Here we are, counting the blessing and letting go of the past. Luxuriate in a genuine and kind love. Feeling good and secure side by side. Pass through the good times and the bad times, jump over the stepping stone and get into the higher level. When distance is not a problem anymore. Hold the fort and make efforts. Let this feeling grow bigger and rooted deeper. Stand up of sincere hope of time and togetherness. 
No matter what the future brings, we are not afraid anymore as we believe we can handle and face it always. Sweet romance take part. We are the love birds, yes we are.