Thursday, July 12, 2012

Holiday Pose

Feel so good to be back :) This week i helped my mom to design uniforms for the hospital she led (for the nurse, management staff and the doctor and of course for her as the president). Honestly, it was my first experience to design a uniform. I was afraid it wouldn't be fun because i thought i couldn't design as free as usual (as you know there are uniform rules for a hospital), but, after trying it...... I can't stop drawing and drawing. I just tried to be bold to make a different from another ordinary hospital uniform. I used pastel colors and mixed it with local traditional pattern which i designed by my self. I felt soooo glad knowing they all likes my design and now the designs are in the production process.
And yesterday....... After a long time me and my bf not doing any photo shoot, finally we did it yesterday evening. It felt so fun yet sweet and romantic hahaha no words could describe how fun it was. Actually, the weather wasn't well-behave this afternoon as though wanted to stop us, but we were too stubborn to cancel our plan. And finally, in the middle of our photo shoot, the cloud was replaced. The warmth of the sun inflame our passion more and more. One thing i realized, i feel so blessed to have my bf. Thank you for being my bf, my brother, my friend, and my best photo shoot partner <3 We picked a holiday-maker shirt as our master fashion stuff today :D accidentally we both have a similar one and these are our photos.......

Do you see my flat cut bang and hair? I cut them by my self! :>

and this lovely hat also another fashion stuff i created by my self!

Wanna see more photos of us? Click here :) 

Suzy : Hat-DIY; Ear-ring-Vintage; Leather gloves - Mommy's; Holiday-maker shirt - thrifted; Shorts - Top Shop; Flower patterned tights - Top Shop; Mary Jane shoes - Neu Look.
Mikey : Hat-Somewhere in KL; Glasses-Lacoste; Holiday-maker shirt - River Island; Mint trousers - Top Shop; Caramel leather canvas shoes - River Island.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Classic Sunday

Happy sunday! Ah how i love sunday! As a Christian, i go to the church every sunday. But as i grow up, i understand that it's not an obligation. It comes from our heart and it's a choice to go to the church or not. And i think, i always really need to fulfill my spiritual thirst and also freshen up my faith. It makes me always look forward to sunday.
Randomly, i feel so classic today and i decided to wear a classy vintage fashion stuffs! Here they are...................

Happy & Fatty Day

In the middle of my busy day designing for Batik Nias....
Yesterday i felt soooooooo happy yet FATTY. I spent my day with my bf + his close friends, Jo & Male for the very first time (as you know we are in a long distance relationship, so it isn't that easy until finally we could hang out together) and yesterday was a super great day! Actually we planned to go out at 2 or 3 pm-ish, but Jo & Male got something to do first, so they could only join me & Mike at 5. While we waiting for them, we went to Sushi Tei and grabbed fast some sushi rolls. After that we picked them up and ATE AGAIN at Nelayan (the best dim sum restaurant ever!) in Cambridge. After fulfilling our big tummy -.- , we watched Madagascar 3 which really entertained us. Too funny, couldn't take it! 
Before we went home then we ATE AGAIN in a small stall called Asun, but with a super delicious food inside hahaha couldn't control my appetite!
I couldn't explain how special and fun yesterday was, but actually it was as colorful as my photos below :p 

Mommy's gardening hat, vintage printed shirt from thrift store & my personal collection of vintage ear ing.

Top Shop fave purple skirt, black vintage Chassel  (Chain+Tassel) bag & Neu Look  mary jane.

          Well.... my photos above was taken in my Sansevieria garden while waiting for Mike :)

Set your eyes at Mike's polo shirt below!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sunday, 24th June 2012

Ketika dua hal yang berbeda dibandingkan.
Yang satu berwarna merah, dan satunya lagi putih.
Bagaimana bisa? 
Yang satunya merasa kurang putih, dan yang lainya tidak kenal merah.
Sungguh bodoh.
Tetapi hati yang menciut efeknya membutakan.
Mengais relung jiwa, menguras air mata.

Tercekik tangan sendiri? Mau sampai kapan? Sampai mati?

Friday, June 22, 2012

My Last 2 Days

Hello!!!Aaaaaaaah feel so bad for not posting anything in this several months. I thought i was that busy to share my story with you....i'm sorry....but now i'm FREE for 4 months until i start studying in London in October! Thanks God! I feel so excited every time i remember that great blessing which has sent for me :) I got that feeling, being the one who is chosen, and i take it as an honor.But actually i'm not really free.... because in this holiday i have a desire to do something for my self, my choice in fashion design, and Indonesia. I meant, anything. Yes, anything, but something. Then i'll take any chance to do it. For now, i'm designing new collection for Batik Nias, administering Campus Night (an event to celebrate Indonesia's independence day for all Indonesian students in Singapore) that will be held in Singapore in next September and trying to join some fashion design competitions. Then, one thing that boost me up, i challenge my self to be the one that really care and really want to know about Indonesia. Yes, anything about Indonesia. I don't know why, i just too in love with Indonesia, even i get a chance to study in Singapore for a year and will be a student in London in October. heart belongs here, in Indonesia. So do not be surprised if sometimes i use Bahasa Indonesia in my blog. Proper Bahasa Indonesia is always a latest trend for me hahaha. Feel free to ask the meaning to fulfill your curiosity if you don't understand and i'll translate it with all my heart :D Don't worry, this time i'll never forget to share my stories and experiences with you. Because to keep updating my blog and share my experiences is also my deep desire. I enjoy writing as i enjoy reading. I know that what i have written in my blog, whoever read my blog, i know it will never stop here with me, it will never stop with you. Not for making me famous (but if yes....i really dont mind :$), but i just want you to know what i know.Now i'm having a mind that is chockablock with stories which i want to tell. Umm.... OK, maybe for today i will tell you my experience in this 2 days.I'll start with this great thing. Do you know Sansevieria? Sansevieria is a type of plant that is in foregone famous because it could be woven to be a cloth, musical instrument or paper. But today, world know it as a great ornamental plants, antiseptic, anti-cancer, and ANTI-POLLUTANT. NASA has proved it with their research which say that sansevieria could absorb 107 elements which are contained in air pollution. Isn't it great? As we all know that Indonesia is the third country in the world that has the highest air pollution level. I don't know how you feel, but i feel so bad about it. I got my ear hearing Indonesia is weeping, my eye  seeing it's pining to be treated better and my hand can't stop trying to do something for it.My mom gives her love to flowers and plants as her hobby in gardening and when i knew about Sansevieria from her, i found that it is another easy way to repel the pollutant. And you know? Four of our Sansevierias won the National Sansevierias Competition yesterday in Pekan Flora Flori Nasional 2012 in some categories, clap hand and thank God! There are many type of Sansevieria and it is also easy to be treated. Feel moved to plant a sansevieria at home? Give me high five! I'll post some photos of our  Sansevieria later, OK ;) yesterday also my 11th monthversary with Mikhael, so until this second i still feel too in love to not posting anything about us. After taking the prize and the certificate in Pekan Flora Flori Nasional, me and Mikhael got our proper dinner in Roland's, a Germany restaurant in Medan. Yesterday was our first experience eating there and we weren't regret for choosing Roland's. But actually our monthversary is not about anything but us. We have passed so many things in this 11 months and the best part of it, we are together to pass it, Mike :$ He's the one who really care, the one who really understand. Nothing feels too bad to be true, nothing feels too difficult to be solved, and i feel could do all things when i stand here beside him. Oh! i <3 you! I have some photos of us celebrating our day and my today's outfit too. As always, i get my fashion updated as my knowledge also not less updated :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

When I Have too Much to Tell..

Hello! Suzanne's here. Ah yes, i have too many things to tell. To begin with, this is a new year - new semester - new term - NEW ME! New year is always a good starting point. Don't be afraid to commit, don't be troubled by the difficulty. An unintelligent is the one who still doing his/her bad habit when he/her have already commited to change. So i'm really sure you guys don't want to be one of them right? Place your focus to what you want to be, tell God about it and pray with your heart, and start to
DO it! :) I have a really bad habit which i have since i was a kiddie : i can't stop biting my nails. I have tried to stop biting them for a long time, but i always can't until this new year i started to suggest my self what good thing i will get if i stop doing it. Even it's sounds simple, but it's happened with a long process. Now, i'm really tickled pink because for the first time my nail is out of my finger (i don't know how to explain it more clearly) and it grows longer so i could do nail art on my nails :D Mike also never be tired to remind me to not to bite my nails too by the way (thank Mike! ) so... i have a moustache on my left ring finger nail as a little present for him hahaha.

Honestly, i have more targets this year, from the smallest thing 'till the biggest one. Last friday, i learnt about how to have a huge capacity of our heart. If you want to get abound of God's mercy so you should make sure your heart has capacity as big as how many blessings you wanna get from Him. So you could prepare your heart by :
1. Having God's thinking
    Don't ever think "i can't", "it's too difficult", etc. It's thinking of man. Because nothing is  impossible in God.
2. Developing your potential
    Every person has different potential. Just never buried your potential. If you develop it earnestly, i'm sure you can develop it well and you will be able to see more chances with your developed potential.
3. Keep Learning
    As time goes by, you learn more things from your experience. Keep learning in any positive way, eg : read some books of successful people.
Now, let's apply all these to our life. Every gospel you've heard, keep it in the best part of your heart. Let it be embedded as a seed in the fertile part so that it could be fruitful!
This term is more tough than last term. I feel the difference. I have more projects which requires more seriousness, a lot of research and need a lot of thinking. But i believe i have been prepared for this term. Always try to put my heart into it and i ask for God's participation on my way to achieve my targets! Oh, i wanna show you one of my 2D project which i have done for this term. It's about typography. So this is the book of my alphabet.

Finally...............i want to show you some things that i got from Scape. In the middle of this tough term, i think by hunting some fashion stuffs with best price is a good way to entertain my self hahaha. I went to Scape with Taryn, Jessica, Kak Iyo, Kak Rachel and her boyfriend last weekend and let's see what i've got :

Actually i also bought two vintage tops with super best price! But don't ask me to show them to you now cause i want to surprise you when i wear it and match it with my another vintage fashion stuffs hihihi.