Monday, January 30, 2012

When I Have too Much to Tell..

Hello! Suzanne's here. Ah yes, i have too many things to tell. To begin with, this is a new year - new semester - new term - NEW ME! New year is always a good starting point. Don't be afraid to commit, don't be troubled by the difficulty. An unintelligent is the one who still doing his/her bad habit when he/her have already commited to change. So i'm really sure you guys don't want to be one of them right? Place your focus to what you want to be, tell God about it and pray with your heart, and start to
DO it! :) I have a really bad habit which i have since i was a kiddie : i can't stop biting my nails. I have tried to stop biting them for a long time, but i always can't until this new year i started to suggest my self what good thing i will get if i stop doing it. Even it's sounds simple, but it's happened with a long process. Now, i'm really tickled pink because for the first time my nail is out of my finger (i don't know how to explain it more clearly) and it grows longer so i could do nail art on my nails :D Mike also never be tired to remind me to not to bite my nails too by the way (thank Mike! ) so... i have a moustache on my left ring finger nail as a little present for him hahaha.

Honestly, i have more targets this year, from the smallest thing 'till the biggest one. Last friday, i learnt about how to have a huge capacity of our heart. If you want to get abound of God's mercy so you should make sure your heart has capacity as big as how many blessings you wanna get from Him. So you could prepare your heart by :
1. Having God's thinking
    Don't ever think "i can't", "it's too difficult", etc. It's thinking of man. Because nothing is  impossible in God.
2. Developing your potential
    Every person has different potential. Just never buried your potential. If you develop it earnestly, i'm sure you can develop it well and you will be able to see more chances with your developed potential.
3. Keep Learning
    As time goes by, you learn more things from your experience. Keep learning in any positive way, eg : read some books of successful people.
Now, let's apply all these to our life. Every gospel you've heard, keep it in the best part of your heart. Let it be embedded as a seed in the fertile part so that it could be fruitful!
This term is more tough than last term. I feel the difference. I have more projects which requires more seriousness, a lot of research and need a lot of thinking. But i believe i have been prepared for this term. Always try to put my heart into it and i ask for God's participation on my way to achieve my targets! Oh, i wanna show you one of my 2D project which i have done for this term. It's about typography. So this is the book of my alphabet.

Finally...............i want to show you some things that i got from Scape. In the middle of this tough term, i think by hunting some fashion stuffs with best price is a good way to entertain my self hahaha. I went to Scape with Taryn, Jessica, Kak Iyo, Kak Rachel and her boyfriend last weekend and let's see what i've got :

Actually i also bought two vintage tops with super best price! But don't ask me to show them to you now cause i want to surprise you when i wear it and match it with my another vintage fashion stuffs hihihi.