Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy & Fatty Day

In the middle of my busy day designing for Batik Nias....
Yesterday i felt soooooooo happy yet FATTY. I spent my day with my bf + his close friends, Jo & Male for the very first time (as you know we are in a long distance relationship, so it isn't that easy until finally we could hang out together) and yesterday was a super great day! Actually we planned to go out at 2 or 3 pm-ish, but Jo & Male got something to do first, so they could only join me & Mike at 5. While we waiting for them, we went to Sushi Tei and grabbed fast some sushi rolls. After that we picked them up and ATE AGAIN at Nelayan (the best dim sum restaurant ever!) in Cambridge. After fulfilling our big tummy -.- , we watched Madagascar 3 which really entertained us. Too funny, couldn't take it! 
Before we went home then we ATE AGAIN in a small stall called Asun, but with a super delicious food inside hahaha couldn't control my appetite!
I couldn't explain how special and fun yesterday was, but actually it was as colorful as my photos below :p 

Mommy's gardening hat, vintage printed shirt from thrift store & my personal collection of vintage ear ing.

Top Shop fave purple skirt, black vintage Chassel  (Chain+Tassel) bag & Neu Look  mary jane.

          Well.... my photos above was taken in my Sansevieria garden while waiting for Mike :)

Set your eyes at Mike's polo shirt below!

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